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When I Got Sober, I Needed Connection.

I lived for too long with loneliness, isolation, and addiction. For years, I thought that I was the only person in the world who felt the way I felt. But one day, I discovered that I wasn't alone.

The opposite of addiction is connection.

So we built our own community.

Sobriety Engine

is a safe haven, a support group, and a place to learn and connect. Sobriety engine was founded by people in recovery, just like you, as a way to help ourselves find connection and support in our own recovery. 

The purpose of Sobriety Engine is to build a community around recovery and help each other live the lives of happiness, serentiy and freedom that we all crave.

So What's In It For You?

You'll be able to ask the important questions, gain insight from leading experts, create new connections, and find more confidence in yourself - all while applying it to your everyday life - from anywhere in the world. 

Sobriety Engine includes:

Access to an exclusive sober network
Weekly discussion topics
Monthly events
A 24/7 live chat

And four premium courses including:

Sticking with The Basics
Relapse Prevention
Emotional Sobriety

What are you doing to take your recovery to the next level? 

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