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Sobriety Engine

Is addiction, isolation, and unhealthy patterns interfering from reaching your true potential?

You're Not Alone.

Having the right tools and resources during decision points and life challenges can make all the difference in staying sober and becoming a better version of ourselves.

Sobriety Engine is made of thousands of individuals who are healing past hurts, challenging thoughts, and becoming better versions of themselves on a daily basis.

What You'll Find

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching challenges unhealthy thought patterns and creates new belief systems. We hold one recovery coaching group a week with a leading industry expert to guide you in everyday challenges.

Guided Meditation

Studies show that meditation can combat depression, anxiety, and reduce relapse rates. Sobriety Engine holds weekly meditation groups to stay grounded and centered. 


Understand the root of your unhealthy patterns. With four immersive courses ranging from emotional sobriety to relapse prevention, go through each course at your own pace.  

Accountability & Connection

Create connection and new relationships just by showing up. Sobriety Engine offers support groups, weekly check-ins, challenges, and feedback from community members to help apply newfound tools to everyday life.

Getting Sober Is Hard. What Are You Doing To Stay Sober?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, with a form of support and ongoing care after getting sober, it's possible for relapse rates to decline from the average of 50%. 

What if you found that support all from the ease and comfort of an online network or a mobile device?

With today's technological advances, we're attached to connecting to each other online. At Sobriety Engine you can find a worldwide community and support network on-the-go when challenges are happening in real-time.

Your Teachers

Cole Chance is a 500-RYT, international retreat leader, and passionate about teaching meditation to the recovery community. Cole is consistent in broadening her knowledge in Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, a ravenous book nerd and seeker of the full range of experience. Her philosophy is to live wide, love big, look deep, and always leave room for possibilities!

Omar Pinto is an Addiction Recovery Specialist, Life Coach and an Expert in Emotional Healing Work. He helps individuals identify the major pain points in their lives and break free from their past. Omar has over 15 years’ experience in addiction recovery, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), personal development and emotional healing work to produce fast results.

Tim Stoddart is the founder of online recovery community, Sober Nation. As an entrepreneur, addiction recovery advocate, and fitness fanatic, Tim has always had a passion for hard work and self-improvement. For the past ten years, Tim has been an advocate in the online recovery community creating awareness around the stigma of addiction and creating tools to combat it.


Tori Skene is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor in the State of California. Passionate about Substance Abuse Disorder education and advocacy, Tori creates educational courses around emotional sobriety and relapse prevention. Her goal is to facilitate connection and provide resources for those struggling to stay sober.

What Others Are Saying

"I love the openness of the platform and members, the acceptance and non-judgmental attitude displayed by all. I feel accepted, supported and encouraged to grow and contribute."

"It was crucial for me to stay connected in a time of isolation. With Sobriety Engine I found a community and ultimately people who understand what I'm going through that helped me get to the other side. The honesty, openness, and variety of experiences I was able to find online is fantastic."

"Thank God I found Sobriety Engine. I love the ability to connect with other fellows in recovery, read interesting articles, be able to participate, attend meetings online, and find accountability."

"So many people with addiction problems, however there's also so many people willing to help from their own experiences."

Nobody Should Be Left Out

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